The opportunities for educational and cultural exchanges and learning experiences have expanded through Student trips across the world. Increasing numbers of lecturers and teachers are scanning the world for destinations that will enhance course content, bring to life subject material, provide practical, living examples of lecture room models and ensure that students and teachers alike return home with experiences of a life time. Kenya, a land of magnificent natural and human contrasts, offers an unsurpassed educational and cultural destination. From Common Entrance at Prep School level through to University degree students, Kenya is the perfect location for a field study trip. Whether it is geography, environmental studies, geology, conservation, health and social care or art, Kenya is the ideal location for a field trip. With Detailed information of Great Rift Valley formation and lakes, Volcanic activities, Hiking skills, Study of Human kind evolution, plant and animals, learn about conservation and environmental issues, Animal caring, feeding and insect rearing with selected fine accommodation and quality food.

Students safaris are ideally tailor made with knowledge of students sensitivity, handling with care and above all with educational background of what they learn at school from geography, history, environment, conservation, culture and wildlife. Focus East Africa Tours arranges special itineraries for students and school education trips, visits, excursions, safaris and students holidays from all over the world to Kenyan adventure. Whether your major interest is art, music or languages, culture, sports we can tailor suit a tour that helps bring your learning interests to life. Our Student Safaris are basically educational travel and tours for schools, learning institutions, alumni that are seeking quality and truly nature based learning tours that go beyond the morning and afternoon student’s safaris game drives.