Thinking of going on Lake Manyara safaris and tours? Lake Manyara is situated in Lake Manyara National Park in northern Tanzania covering a distance of about 330 square kilometers of which two thirds is under water. It’s renowned in Tanzania as a birders destination with tremendous views of the park with wildlife. Lake Manyara is 50 kilometers long and 16 kilometers wide containing rock phosphates and salt. It was established into a Tanzania safaris park in 1960. The ever green forests patched at the escapement are fed by the perennial waters from the ground. It boasts with five distinctive vegetation. One of the unique things about Lake Manyara is the magical scenery seen from the whole flora and its fauna. The lake is fed by Makayuni and Simba rivers and is 3.7 meters deep. Lake Manyara is the best stop over when going or coming from Ngorongoro crater. The lake derives its name from a local Masai word for euphorbia, a plant species they usually use for fencing their homesteads. This plant is common in the lake shore regions. The park boasts with various types of animals like African elephants, buffaloes, rhinoceros, lions, wildebeests, giraffes, zebras, waterbucks, warthogs, impalas, klipspringer, shy kirk dik-dik and many more. Lake Manyara National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda are the only places to find tree climbing lions in the world. You can also find other primates at here. See some of our Lake Manyara safari packages below.