Want to book budget or luxury Ngorongoro safaris and tours? The Ngorongoro crater is a place where an old volcano collapsed to form a broken, inactive, intact volcanic caldera. The flora and fauna in this area is mind blowing with stunning views of ecological systems. Ngorongoro crater derived its name from the local Masai people inhabiting its surrounding areas. The name means “gift of life”. It’s also renowned as the garden of Africa. The crater is 19 kilometers wide with a 264 kilometers surface area filled with over 25,000 animals. The Caldera raises high at 400-600 meters high. The area is characterized by highland plains, forests and Savannah woodlands. The area was established in 1969 as a multiple land use area with Masai nomadic pastoralists practicing livestock grazing. Its one of the most common places for Tanzania safaris.

The volcanic crater was formed when a giant volcano collapsed on itself over 2.5 million years ago. It’s said that the volcano rivaled the renowned Kilimanjaro in size. Ngorongoro crater is filled with wildlife, boasting with Africa’s big five game animals. Some of the animals at the Ngorongoro crater include; elephants, leopards, lions, cheetahs, zebras, buffalos, gazelles, jackals, hyenas, the endangered black rhinos. Empakai crater is found in the middle of the caldera surrounded with steep walls where you can see Africa’s highest point Kilimanjaro. Olduvai George in Ngorongoro is known as cradle of civilization. This is the place where the oldest human fossils where found by Mary Leaky. You can also visit the museum and get insights of the ancient elephant bones. Ngorongoro crater is also endowed with lions, having one of the largest concentration of lions in Africa. See some of our Ngorongoro safaris below.