Want to go on Serengeti safaris? We offer both luxury and budget safaris to Serengeti National Park. All our tours come at unbeatable prices. Serengeti national park is situated in Tanzania and is one of the best Tanzania safari parks you can explore in the world. The wildlife viewing is superb with stunning bird watching safari experiences. Serengeti national park is one of the natural wonders of Africa. It has been rated a world heritage site by the UNESCO and is among the seven natural wonders of Africa. The park derives its name from a local Masai word meaning endless plains. It was formerly a home to the Masai people before its conservation. Serengeti was established in 1920s and was made a national park in 1951. It has the densest population of lions in the whole world. It also has all the big five African game animals. The park boasts with over 500 species of birds. Some of the birds here are Patti, kori bustard, secretary bird, marabou stork, crowned crane and martial eagle to mention a few. More than 150,000 foreign people visit Serengeti national park every year excluding the local tourists. See some of our affordable safaris to Serengeti below.