Want to go on Tanzania balloon safaris? Choose us for the best Serengeti hot air ballooning tours. The best way to enjoy the aerial view of the great migration and other big game in Tanzania is by use of enjoyable remarkable Balloon safaris experience discovering the secrete corners of the Serengeti open Savannah. Hot air balloon safaris are done in Serengeti National Park and fly on daily basis from the center of the park around Seronera where there is high concentration of animals in the park and you float as far as the Masai River or Grumeti River to witness the migrations on air. With the large size of the park, Serengeti has three main designated sites one in the central part of Serengeti around Seronera area well known for its highest concentration of animals in the park, open area with the airfield and clear roads for the transportation cars of the balloon equipment. The second site is the western Serengeti around Grumeti River where the wildebeest migration takes place and the last third site is on the Southern Serengeti where the wildebeest most times are found in millions together grazing and also do calving around February where more than 8000 calves are born every day. We arrange Tanzania balloon safaris to all these sectors of Serengeti National Park.

Like any East African country, hot air balloons are always set off early in the morning before sunrise and late in the evening at dawn where the winds and the temperatures are very low for easy control of the balloon as its air driven. Besides that, animals are more active at low temperature times than when the sun is very hot. Our Tanzania safari experts always give our clients details of the Tanzania balloon packages once they require knowing much. All morning Tanzania hot air balloon safari packages come with bush breakfast which is done after the balloon lands down relax the experience before your driven back to the hotel for a rest and wait for lunch, we can also if time allows embark on the ground game drive around for you to feel the bumpy landscape of the African continent, see the ground view of the park and the animals so as to have both the side and aerial view on your experience. Serengeti the vast endless plain is the most excellent and well known park for safe ballooning safari in Africa with its open Savannah making clear view of the animals at all angles and height at ease. We have to book the balloon activity in advance if you need to enjoy this safari and we are here to help you organize it for you. See some of our Tanzania balloon safaris below as your plan your experience of hot air ballooning in Tanzania.