Tanzania ranks one of the top birding destinations both in East Africa and Africa as a continent, the country hosts over 20 endemics with over 1105 bird species which are easily seen on large open Savannahs hence making birders to photograph at ease. Tanzania is famous with the wildlife especially the big five and the big cats but the country has more than that to offer especially to the birders. Tanzania birding zones are divided in to three sections. The open Savannahs located in the central, Northern part of Tanzania covering the major national parks and reserves of Lake Tarangire, Lake Mnayara, Ngoronrogor Crater, Kilimanjaro, Lake Natron and others.  The common birds are Lesser Flamigo,Bee-eaters, Grey-breasted Spurfowl, Lilic-breasted roller, Red-billed teal, brown-snake eagle, Tawny eagle, Kori bustard, Grey-crowned crane, Yellow-billed kite, Northern carmine bee-eaters, Silvery-cheeked hornbill mention but a few.

The second region is the Coastal which is consist of the palms, estuarine forest, cities and islands of Zanzibar and pemba. This is great ideal side for the water or aquatic birds like Madagascar Pratincole, pemba white-eye, pemba green-pigeon, Yellowbill, Kurrichane thrush and many more. Lastly but not the least is the mountainous region covering the highest mountain in East Africa that is Mt Kilimanjaro, Udzungwa Mountains, Mahale Mountains, Uluguru Mountains and Gombe stream national park. These are the areas where you can find forest bird species which most of them are endemic, with over 50 bird species of rain forests on this region.