Camping Safaris in Tanzania are the most unique enjoyable way of experiencing the jungles of the open vast long Savannahs in the wilderness. These trips are not only pocket friendly but also takes you to feel the real life of Africa sleeping in the Canvass tents in the middle of the bush, have group camp fire at the middle of the night in an open blue sky counting all the stars above your head. With our experience in the jungle we are now equipped with our own tents, sleeping bags under hire, mobile chef and staff who organize and erect all the tents in the evening where any client who wants to actively enjoy the safari participates during that time, some clients go ahead to share the cooking and learn how African local foods are prepared.

Our camping safaris takes you close to the wilderness where one can even do night game drive but with the escort of the game ranger who is armed as your protection, we locate places of high concentration of animals depending on the season so as not to miss any piece of action in the wilderness.  This is one of the unique private Safaris experience though in an open land but much interesting to hear the songs of the birds sing at night, big cats roaring in the middle of the jungle, smelling the fresh blood from the hunt, hearing grazing hippos around your tent that can sound scaring but amazing one can even go an extra mile open up small part of the zip in the tent to have an eye catch on the action doing a night game drive right in your bed. Basic camping can be done year in and year out though most enjoyable in dry season during migration of the wildebeest when the grass is short and dry. We give accurate advise to our clients before as they set up planning stage of their safari. We have both short time experience camping safaris to many days depending on the available time frame one has.