Tanzania is one of the most unique multi diverse destinations with great concentration of wildlife, rich with culture, historical monuments, beaches and the snow capped Mount Kilimanjaro. Hiking safaris in Tanzania are commonly done in groups especially when it comes to hiking to Mt Kilimanjaro one of the highest free standing mountains in the world. Its volcanic mountain with permanent snow on the peak. Focus East Africa tours has most secrete packages that are remote and gives our clients true feeling of African nature, we have hiking tours to the Southern part of Tanzania with scenic view of waterfalls, passing through villages, plantations, hiking valleys and tops, hanging bridges and others. Hike to Kaporogwe waterfalls in Isuba village passing through various volcanic mountains, green hills and tea plantations is relaxing paradise of Tanzania. Ol Doinyo Legai which means “the mountain of God” is located in South of lake Natron in Gregory Rift Arusha, the mountain is a sacared respected point by the Maasai people as their cultural site for honoring their God Eng’ai whom they believe dwells in the mountain. On annually basis the local people travel long journeys to come to the mountain to express their happiness and celebrate the blessings they received from their God like rain, children, crops, cattle and others, most of the researchers, photographers and geologists like hiking this mountain as it provides one with experience of volcanic sculptures with rugged hiking. It’s a challenging hike though not comparable to other prominent mountains like Mt Meru or Kilimanjaro hence making it one of the easiest hikes in Tanzania. The other hiking trips takes you to Mount Meru the second highest mountain in the country, formed through volcanicity and it’s a dormant volcanic mountain located in the center of Arusha National park just a few kilometers away from Kilimanjaro Mountain.

It’s a long the Great rift valley 4566 meters high, experienced hikers use it as acclimatizing hike as one is waiting for their great challenging hike to Kilimanjaro. The mountain has faced a lot of soil erosion and this has reduced on its height. Focus East Africa tours has experienced team of guides which are fully registered to provide hiking safaris to Kilimanjaro and all other Mountains in the country and this has made most of our clients to 100% accomplishing their dreams of reaching to Uhuru peak. We choose easy routes depending on the age, ability and experience of the client as they propose their tour to this wonderful great experience. Just talk to our team of experts and the best will be made for you any time, all advices, information needed is provided.