At Focus East Africa Tours we offer short 1 day Tanzania safaris to Arusha national park, Lake manyara and Tarangire national park. These short tours are ideal for people who have limited time in the country or small budgets but want to have best 1 day experience Tanzania has to offer. Choose your day safari now!

1 Day Tanzania Safari

1 Day Arusha National Park Safari

After breakfast you will be met by our Focus East Africa tours guide who will brief you about your safari before you transfer eastwards to the Arusha National Park. Though small in size, Arusha national park is one of the most beautiful Tanzanian national park that is easily accessible from the capital Arusha (40 km) or even from the Kilimanjaro International Airport, thus making it ideal for 1-day safaris or tours.

Arusha national park is not only known for its diverse wildlife, but its topographical variation and beauty is also amazing to see. There are three most significant features in the park including the rugged Mount Meru (Tanzania’s second highest peak at 4566m), the notably different colored Momela Lakes, and the 3km wide Ngurdoto Crater, estimated to have been formed fifteen million years ago!

The activities of the day include a morning game drive, a picnic lunch and an afternoon game drive. Among the notable things you will visit include the Momela Lakes and the Ngurdoto Crater and some of the Wildlife to look out for are African elephants, buffalos, hippos, zebras, blue monkeys, giraffe, warthogs, antelopes and sometimes a rare leopard or hyena. The safari ends late in the afternoon with a transfer back to Arusha.

1 Day Safari in Lake Manyara National Park

After your early breakfast, our Focus East Africa guide will meet you at your hotel and brief you about your upcoming safari. You will then travel westwards to the Great Rift Valley and the Lake Manyara National Park. The park is one of Tanzania’s most dramatically located African wildlife areas, consisting of a massive but shallow soda lake (covering two-thirds of the park) at the foot of the Great Rift Valley’s western escarpment. The park is known for its biodiversity consisting of several wildlife species including one of Africa’s densely populated African elephants herds, the rare tree-climbing lions and extensively large flocks of flamingo attracted by the algae in Lake Manyara. You will both morning and afternoon game drives as well as a picnic lunch. The quest for the tree climbing lion is savored by travelers on this safari. The safari ends late in the afternoon with a transfer back to Arusha.

1 Day Safari in Tarangire National Park

After breakfast our Focus East Africa guide will meet you at your hotel, brief you about your safari before travelling east to the Tarangire National Park. The park stretches along the banks of River Tarangire, mostly composed of low-lying hills on the Great Rift Valley floor. The parks natural vegetation is majorly composed of Acacia woodlands and giant Baobab trees, with huge swamp areas in the southern sections. Both the river and the swamps attract wildlife especially during Tanzania’s dry season. The park is undisputedly known to have some of the largest herds of elephants in Africa. We will enjoy a picnic lunch inside the park and do two exciting morning and afternoon game drives, along the Tarangire River. The safari ends late in the afternoon with a transfer back to Arusha.

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