Gorilla trekking in Bwindi

It’s now three weeks since Kampala Executive Aviation launched direct flights from Entebbe Kajansi airstrip to Bwindi impenetrable Forest (Kihihi) to boost the major tourism activity in Uganda that is Gorilla trekking.

The flights are scheduled three times a week that is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday has registered great boost after good number of travelers opt more for the flights than bearing with 9 hours drive on road from Kampala to Bwindi taking only one and half hours while on air.

When asked to comment on the cost the executive director said the flights are affordable to many as its only 236$ per person with the booking time before the flight is only 48hrs and one can easily get the flight availability.

As promised early during the launch of the flight, the director still maintains his words that they will add more routes soon after seeing the high demand from the clients, they have opened direct partnerships with some big luxury and mid range lodges in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest  and also Tour operators who are now given discount or Commission after booking for their guests.

Kampala Executive Aviation is Kajansi based Aviation Company and had promised to deliver the best services to their guests and this has been witnessed after speaking to some of the guests who have ever used them. The guest said they enjoyed the best services of international standards, have good aerial view of the park before landing or when taking off.

When asked about the challenges faces

She outlined that the greatest challenge is that most of the airstrips at the national parks are too short with bad terrain for example Kisoro, Queen Elizabeth and others. This affects the take off mostly and this has made us to take half board yet we can land full board. But we are having discussions with government and other private stake holders to see how some of these airstrips can be upgraded in the nearby future.

Uganda wildlife Authority said they sell around 43,000 gorilla permits every year and this year we have almost sold all meaning they have received more sales than any other years. With our introduction of flights which will alternate with other flights all ages above 15 years can now track gorillas in bwindi as many old ones feared the long drive.

She encouraged Ugandans also to take part of this tourism potential, it’s a shaming that even some of the tour consultant’s sale the product which they don’t know and only hear theoretically yet they are given discounts. We plan to give an extra gift to operators who give as business to fly all their staff to trek gorillas and bring them back to Kampala.


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