Booking Uganda group safaris is a way of saving money. Travel is an effective tool of offering motivation, inspiration and rewarding employees after a yearlong hard work in the offices producing great results in the company. Our Uganda group safaris are custom tailor made tours that are designed by our experienced safari consultants to cover a wide range of interest with the key activities derived from long term research on the key interest of travelers who would wish to travel to Uganda to relax, refresh and feel great experience of nature in the pearl of Africa. Our group tours in Uganda offer corporate retreat for groups of 5 to 40 people with their group leader accompanied by our guide and expert ranger in the parks to track the wildlife through the African bush in search for the  big game like Lions, Elephants, Leopards, Buffaloes and Rhinoceros. We offer different Uganda group safaris like open group tours and private tours. Joining a group tour and meeting new people is an excellent way to travel. Joining small or big groups like our group tour to Bwindi to trek gorillas, visit Queen Elizabeth National Park or Kibale Forest National Park for Chimpanzee trekking experience makes your package cost effective as shared costs expenses like car, fuel, driver guide will be shared among the group members.

Public group tours in Uganda are sometimes date fixed with the number of the wanted members fixed depending on the secured Gorilla permits. These safaris are good for people who like socializing, free liars and researchers as its more educative and fun meeting new people to travel with. These are family, close friend, schools, pilgrimages or different people with a common understand who can join forces together to plan and get in to common interest and plan their own private adventure to Uganda. We have a lot of tailor made itineraries to choose from which are designed to fit the interest of all travelers, never the less your free to send us your proposed plan and we can advise accordingly. The advantage of the group tours the price is less and we give the tour leader some specified discount as our team will be working hand in hand with him or her for the better of the trip. The private tours always have set departures after the team is set all the necessary bookings are made in time especially for activities like Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking and others which are booked in advance.