Thinking of going on Zanzibar safari holidays or honeymoons? Safaris to Zanzibar are full of memories and fun. We offer very affordable Zanzibar holiday packages while providing the utmost comfort in regards to accommodation and transportation. Its one of the places you should consider while planning your African safari tours. This island is filled with stunning beaches and some of the worlds prime diving spots. Most tourists who go on Tanzania safaris for game drives in Serengeti plains, trekking mountain Kilimanjaro or visit any other destination end up going on Zanzibar safaris too. Zanzibar is the best place to end your safari in Tanzania. The name Zanzibar is derived from a local Persian word to mean Zangibar; Zangi meaning black and bar meaning coast. Zanzibar’s economy is dependent on the island spices; they produce spices like cinnamon, red pepper, nutmeg and cloves. Many know it as the land of spicy islands. Zanzibar islands have very fascinating history. The island is very peaceful and one of the most beautiful places to relax from. The sunsets are magnificent like you have never experienced before. This is partly who so many people go on Zanzibar honeymoons. Visitors who visit Tanzania from Europe or America will need a visa to enter Tanzania. You will just need to show your passport while visiting Zanzibar. Zanzibar is an autonomous state within Tanzania. The mosque in the southern most end of Ugunja island at Kizimkazi is the oldest in east Africa with some of the oldest traces of Islam. The endangered red Columbus monkey of Zanzibar are endemic to the main island of Ugunja and there are only about 3000 red Colombia monkeys left. We are one of the Zanzibar tour operators you can rely on for an awesome holiday. See some of our Zanzibar tours below.